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Frame is powder coated with cockpit installed.

Rear suspension includes: Complete rear end with hubs, rotors, axles, bolts, spacers, lift bar brackets, pull bar brackets, Pierce exclusive birdcages, brake brackets, and pinion plate. All assembled on rear end.

Front suspension includes (exclusive Pierce front end components): Lower/upper control arms/spacer kit/sleeves, three-piece spindles, front rotors/bearings, Howe ball joints (Pierce exclusive), idler/drag link/greasable tie rods/weight jack bolts/cups.


9 Feature Wins in '22

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Latest Winners

Bobby Pierce

#32 Late Model
4 Feature Wins
Fairbury (IL) Speedway

Bobby Pierce

#32 Late Model
3 Feature Wins
Mississippi Thunder (WI) Speedway

Tim Hancock Jr.

#22 Modified
1 Feature Win
Highland (IL) Speedway

Bubba Mullins

#11A Late Model
1 Feature Win
Pike County (MS) Speedway

Bobby Pierce

#32 Late Model
2 Feature Wins
81 (KS) Speedway


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