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Modified 2020 Fall Special

Pierce Platinum Modified frame, powder coated, with cockpit installed.

Rear suspension including hubs, rotors, axles, bolts and spacers, lift bar brackets, Pierce exclusive birdcages, brake brackets, pinion plate, all assembled on the rear end.

Front suspension including all exclusive Pierce components.

Lowers with spacers and sleeves, uppers, three-piece spindles, front rotors with bearings, Howe ball joints with sleeves, idler, draglink, greasable tie rods, WJ cups and bolts.

All just like Bobby Pierce won with at Mod Mania.

All for $10,600 – Savings over $1,400!

Orders and deposits must be made before Thanksgiving, November 26, 2020.

Late Model 2020 Fall Special

Pierce Platinum Extreme Late Model frame, powder coated, with cockpit installed. New Pierce brand fuel cell installed, with all the following front and rear suspension parts:

Includes Winters rear end, frame bushings, Wilwood hubs, rotors, bolts, gun-drilled axles, bird cages, reducers, lift bar brackets, brake brackets, pinion plate, bearings, clamp bracket with clevis, shock on top bracket, drive flanges, all assembled on the rear end.

Front suspension includes spindles, uppers, lowers, hubs, rotors, rotor bolts, bearings, tie rods, Howe ball joints and sleeves.

Must be ordered and deposit by November 26, 2020.

Sale price $13,100.

pierce5000jun18Bobby Pierce finally broke through and got his first win of the season Thursday night in the Lucas Oil Series "Clash at the Mag" prelim race at Magnolia (MS) Motor Speedway. He started outside of the front row for the 25-lap main after winning his heat race. He jumped out to the lead at the start and led wire-to-wire to pick up the $5,000 payday. "The way the night started, I was not happy," Bobby said. "We were bad in qualifying. All-in-all it was a great ending to the night; this is our first win of 2020. It feels great to get that monkey off our back. This Pierce car with Advanced Shocks has been working well. I want to thank my crew and my family.” -- Heath Lawson Photo

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